Mindfulness & Democracy

Many people are feeling that our democracy is under ‘attack’ – it is not clear who are the attackers, so to speak – but it seems that the resilience of our public discourse to handle multiple narratives, and the values and social benefits our leadership is meant to uphold are being degraded on many fronts

So we’ll come together in the middle of March to explore Democracy through the lens of Mindfulness. If you want to understand not just what makes a Mindful Society, but also how can you make a difference: come and join us

This is the another MeetUp get-together in our Melbourne Life & Leadership Coaching Circle – https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Life-and-leadership-Coaching/events/267181819/

We meet as usual at the 11th co-working space downtown – literally two minutes walk from Southern Cross Station – it is a secured building so when you get to the door, press 1101 and then OK and we swill open the foyer’s door and send the lift down for you (we are on the 11th floor).

Here is the full address – 11th Space
Level 11, 568-580 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone – 1800121011

Plan to arrive a tad early – say 6:15pm – so that we can indeed start on time.

School of Life class: How to Develop Self Knowledge

I am always honoured and grateful to be teaching classes at the School of Life Melbourne.

This one is my favourite, and we cover a whole set of ideas:

  • Techniques to explore our own minds
  • How to clarify vague and almost-out-of-reach emotions and thoughts
  • How to understand the emotional dynamics of childhood
  • How we appear to others
  •  What we are perhaps not easily able to see about ourselves 

As they say on the TSOL’s website – “How To Develop Self-Knowledge takes us on one of the most exciting journeys: into our deepest, most elusive selves. We come away armed with a newly clarified sense of the distinctive nature of our personalities, what we need to watch out for and what our priorities and potential might be.”

Book on their website

New Year New You Weekend Retreat 17-19.1.20

In this transformational weekend intensive, I will help you clarify your unique purpose, define your aspirations for the year ahead, and cultivate a sustainable mindset to take positive action in the direction of your goals.

Together with a group of like-minded individuals, you will gain an understanding of the nature of the mind and thoughts, and how to differentiate between authentic goals of the heart and ego-based desires, so you can align your actions congruently with your true nature.

You will also gain insights on how to move forward from an expanded non-attached and open-hearted state, incorporating practical self-care routines to nurture yourself and maintain emotional and physical balance as you work towards daily, weekly, and monthly milestones. You will develop a greater understanding of how to balance your wellbeing, relationship, professional and life goals.

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