Mindfulness & Democracy

Date: 17 Mar, 2020

Time: 6:30pm

Location: 11th space, Collins St, Melbourne.

Map: Get direction

Many people are feeling that our democracy is under ‘attack’ – it is not clear who are the attackers, so to speak – but it seems that the resilience of our public discourse to handle multiple narratives, and the values and social benefits our leadership is meant to uphold are being degraded on many fronts

So we’ll come together in the middle of March to explore Democracy through the lens of Mindfulness. If you want to understand not just what makes a Mindful Society, but also how can you make a difference: come and join us

This is the another MeetUp get-together in our Melbourne Life & Leadership Coaching Circle – https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Life-and-leadership-Coaching/events/267181819/

We meet as usual at the 11th co-working space downtown – literally two minutes walk from Southern Cross Station – it is a secured building so when you get to the door, press 1101 and then OK and we swill open the foyer’s door and send the lift down for you (we are on the 11th floor).

Here is the full address – 11th Space
Level 11, 568-580 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone – 1800121011

Plan to arrive a tad early – say 6:15pm – so that we can indeed start on time.