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This Small Group Online / MasterMind Course will:

☞ Understand the science and psychology of stress and loss

☞ Discover how to connect with people deeply and meaningfully across cultures and distances

☞ Understand your reaction to the changes of recent times – and figure out how to shift into acceptance and wise action

☞ Build a sense of trust and develop competence to deal with any difficulties or challenges you may face currently and into the future

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For members of the Life & Leadership Coaching Circle MeetUp Group.



Transforming Anxiety & Loneliness Through Radical Change:

Nothing has ever disrupted our lives and the world as we know it like the Corona Virus Pandemic in 2020. This MasterMind Group Process is being developed specifically to cope with the mental and physical isolation and to bring people together online to share and connect in meaningful and strengthening ways so that they can develop the resilience to deal with the situation and find hope and friendship for a new day.

This program is uniquely design to offer a deep exploration of your innate intelligence and a wide range of tools.


We will meet online in small groups for a total of five times in a two months period – long enough to create and embed new habits of practice. We work together through a series of inquiries and reflective practices as well as creating a roadmap for sustainable Mind-Fitness practice.


This program will be ready by mid July 2020. Contact Michael directly for more information and to see when is the next group launch

Michael Bartura was the group coach for an Asian Leadership Instite’s (ALI) skype and online based 4-month leadership coaching program that I joined in 2014. The coaching was based on a mindfulness methodology developed by ALI. Michael worked very skillfully with our small but diverse group of executives and guided us through the twelve sessions. I was impressed by Michael’s ability to probe deeper and offer alternative or supporting suggestions. He helped us to connect as a group, encouraged us to meaningfully practice, and supported us in making some of the changes and adjustments that we identified. Michael is a skilled and experienced coach and I am happy to provide this recommendation.

~ Martin Venzky-Stalling, Thailand