Choose One on One Coaching engagement and you will:

☞ Get better clarity on purpose and meaning
☞ Figure out how to tackle fears, anxieties and stresses
☞ Discover contentment and joy are not dependant on circumstances
☞ Upgrade the way you think about life and how you show up in any situation with calm and confidence
☞ Build a sense of trust and develop competence to deal with any difficulties or challenges you may face currently and into the future


Essentially if you want to take the full program, there are two ways for us to work together – Retreats and weekly online sessions.


Through weekly sessions – individually tailored online engagements can be as short as a single-pointed inquiry looking to address a specific issue (usually one to three sessions); or as long as undertaking the full coaching journey of the Mindfulness-Based Life Coaching model which has up to 26 modules (these take between six to 12 months depends on the individual and integration of the practice).

The work is divides to three cycles of exploration – Personality >> Self-Management >> Leadership.

This program is uniquely design to offer a deep exploration of your innate intelligence and a wide range of tools.



As a premium option for executives and leaders – Attending a Face-to-Face Weekend Retreat for a deep dive then continue developing our practice through fortnightly sessions.

Happy Habits Coaching Retreats are fully immersive leadership development weekend-long intensives structured to initiate the process of full transformation through science-based methodology and intuitive cultivation of self-awareness and conscious business practices.

The retreats are designed specifically to enhance and engage the potential in you to inspire and lead through the wisdom of courage, centredness, and resilience – qualities so central to navigate the difficulties in our time. Each retreat is unique and tailored to your specific needs and background. The retreats also have an optional program for continued online support and so are suitable for dealing with either a specific life or leadership challenge as well as taking a transformational journey in your leadership development. During the retreat, you will gain insights and a deeper understanding of why and how you show up the way you do in your life and as a leader. Through coaching, you will then develop a manageable baseline practice for your personal and professional needs that will support you to consciously shift beliefs and behaviours which no longer serve you at home or in the workplace.

Click here to check out a sample brochure for the retreats in Thailand.

This program will be ready by mid July 2020. Contact Michael directly for more information and to see when is the next group launch

Michael has been my coach for almost 3 years, of which, some has been structured coaching and some has been flexible guidance dependent on my needs. His program focuses on an inside out approach, beginning with deeply inquiring into ourselves and then patiently progressing into actionable change… So far, the positive changes that have resulted from Michael’s coaching for me is beyond just some significant leaps I have taken in my career and personal life, but the most important change, perhaps the real important change, is the courage his coaching awakens in me and the deep sense of self alignment he has helped me develop, and it changed my entire approach to life.

~ Cindy Liang, Australia