This Group Coaching Process Will:

☞ Reenergise and upgrade your startup strategy and outline a roadmap to success
☞ Assess, clarify and streamline team communication and stakeholders engagement
☞ Analyse workload and establish wellness habits and productivity skills

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Management wellbeing is a key to a healthy startup:

​Last year, a Forbes article by Prayag Narula asserted that “stress-induced mental health challenges affect the founders of more venture-backed tech startups than anyone will admit”! It pointed to the frequent and multiple challenges of fundraising, lack of management experience, and the nature of either a rapid growth or layoffs as some of the factors contributing to this issue. In addition, Startups are often similar in nature to family-businesses: Founders are likely to have very different personalities (think finance or Tech style vs. creatives or sales).

A unique 12-weeks Mindfulness-based coaching program that covers strategy, productivity, wellness and more:

​This program was designed specifically with startups teams and the kind of pressures and challenges they need to deal with in mind. A combination of face-to-face (individuals as well as team), online, workbooks and practice plans ensures that the desired changes are sustainable and significant. A total of almost 50 hours over 12 weeks work means that the program is applied in depth but manageable on a busy workload.
However, note that this program is not for those who want to feel better but do not care to walk the talk and make an effort to change.

In depth enquiry to identify and plan fit-for-purpose coaching needs:

​Starting with individual interviews and extra stakeholders calls, as well as some team interviews, this well-tested launch of the program identifies all the pain-points affecting the team – and all the individuals within it. This also ensures that the benefits of the next phase – the one day workshop – are maximised and no time is wasted during the intensive work done as an interactive team building process.

A full 12 hours intensive day workshop at a location of your choice:

​This phase is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. The team get together and for a full day we dig into all the necessary pieces to ensure that there is a clear framework for the team as a whole as well as individuals for the weeks and months ahead. As intensive as it is, our work style and mindfulness-based approach facilitate a deeply meaningful and fun day. Depends on the Startup needs and size of the team, it is also possible to extend this phase to two or three days retreat.

A weekly online meeting to deepen the practice and anchor real and meaningful changes:

​Science tells us that it takes between three weeks and three months to make lasting changes to practices and habits. This program is designed to give your team the best chances of changing any strategies and work/wellness habits that get in the way of peak performance and the success of the startup as a whole. For 90-120 min every week, the team meets online for coaching and to further learning and development.

Final fortnight of planning and coaching to cement the benefits:

​In the last phase of working on individual wellness plans and together as a team on pathways for success, the process brings all the pieces together to facilitate a solid and lasting benefit. This phase can be done face-to-face or online depends on the needs and logistics involved. Final round of reconsulting stakeholders and engaging accountability buddies adds weight to the commitment and impact for each member of the team.

Time to enjoy the benefits of hard work and new reality

​After three month of hard work, theta can get together and appreciate all the changes and the usefulness of calibrating its purpose and work-plan to achieve wellness and balance. This is of course the beginning of the next phase of learning and indeed staying on track through the long game of building a Startup into a thriving business. But for this day, it is time to focus and reward the team with the final piece of discovering value and creating success.


Think about it this way:

If your team is experiencing difficulties in maintaining performance
under the stress of making your Startup a success,
what is the cost of failure?

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
~ Warren Buffett

Are you missing an opportunity to plant?