Observe all the millions of thoughts, ideas, aspirations, dreams, wishes, remonstrations, contemplations and any other number of mental formations that run through your mind minute by minute, day by day – of all these, which ones will actually make a difference when it is time to summarize a life of significance, a ‘life worth living’? These are important evaluations to consider.  What are the most suitable tools to do that? And where do we learn them?

Little like getting ready for a performance in the theatre, working with a coach can an opportunity to reflect with someone holding an illuminated mirror to our sense of self… The process of coaching entails unwrapping the sense of self – our essence – from the false packaging (some call it baggage), which is attached to us by the virtue of developing an identification with false notions of ‘me’ and ‘mine’. We perceive that we suffer for many different reasons, but primarily all these pertain to our ignorant wish for something that is present, or happening, to be different than what it is. We resent what is happening because it does not fit our expectations of what should happen.

In other words, the coaching process helps us to discern the real from the false. A good coach does not tell us what to think, or do, but instead supports us in our own journey of discovery. Most people yearn to be told how to feel better. Some people seek to learn how to become better at whatever it is they deem important. Few embrace the conscious evolution and detachment that are the foundations of peace with the present moment, the key to feeling better.


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“Michael is humble yet enlightened with a kind heart, an open mind and a compassionate soul. His knowledge and experience in the mind body awareness space is not only in-depth but it is contagious. He had helped to set me on my own personal journey of transformation and awareness to which I am eternally grateful. Michael’s patience and guiding style inspired me to discover my inner strength and fortitude. I strongly recommend him for any organization that seeks to transform its culture and strives to cultivate not only effective managers but enlightened leaders.”

~ Felix Wong, China

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